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    We are one of the leading timber suppliers in Malaysia. Please explore our inventory of high-grade timbers and find the best wood products that would meet your project needs and budget.

  • We offer the widest range of timber species

    Wide Range of Timber

    Our main purpose is to give our clients the best selection of timbers and wood products at competitive rates and pricing.

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    Our mission is to be the contractor of choice of businesses and clients when it comes to wood products.

    One of the Leading Timbers Suppliers in Malaysia

    Explore our inventory of high-grade timbers and find the best wood products that would meet your project needs and budget. Let the best timber and wood suppliers Malaysia clients trust guide you on choosing the best building materials!

    Chengal Wood

    for heavy duty furniture, boat building, door frames

    Kasai Wood

    for furniture, cabinet, flooring, partitioning

    Keruing Wood

    for heavy construction, posts, beams, bridges

    Merbau Wood

    for musical instruments, cabinet, flooring, panelling
    Why Maxima Solaris is one of the top timber suppliers in Malaysia

    As one of the recognized and accredited timber suppliers Malaysia contractors trust, Maxima Solaris is well-known in the timber industry and has helped countless of building companies in sourcing the best wood products for their projects.

    We started as a small lumber company that supplies timber products to locals near our area. But through the years, we are able to expand our inventory and business to help more customers have access to quality timber products that they can use for construction, carpentry, or promote their personal hobby in creating amazing woodwork.

    As a leading timber supplier, we are known for two things – top-grade wood products and outstanding customer service. We source the finest quality of timber species and transform them into usable and high-quality products like boards, planks, and lumbers that can be ordered by clients. As our strict adherence to quality, our products go through extensive checking and inspection to make sure that they pass the standards of the Malaysian Standard Code of Practice for Structural Use of Timber and of course, our discerning client’s scrutiny.

    Here are more reasons why we are one of the best timber suppliers Malaysia customers trust:
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